Sunday, May 16, 2010


The only motivation for me to go through all the assignments, quiz, midterm, presentation and finals is HOLIDAY. Once the new semester start, I will start plan for holiday for the end of the semester haha. Yeah. I would utilize this three weeks holiday. So, stay tune and I'll be back =)

I don't know am I think too less sometime. 
I made a decision in a minute, go with feeling.
Because the airline ticket is really very cheap during October. 
So, I quickly check my next semester break, 
and you guess what, it is on October too. 
Yesh! Therefore,
I have booked the airline ticket for next semester break, 
without thinking too much....


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's too unbelievable but it's true, that I take 12 hours to finish one chapter of marketing. 7 chapters to go, and again I have to finish it before 9am tomorrow. I don't know where is my study mood, today whole day I watching drama while studying. Therefore, here memorize there forget. In the end, re-memorize. Hmmm. Wish me Luck.

It might be the reason why I seldom studying together within a group. I would feel stress. Imagine, you seeing people reading halfway of the whole book but you are at the starting point. Huh. Haha. But when I study alone in the dining room, I would keep surfing net. Then when I lying on my bed and study, I would fall sleep, very effective seriously.

Taking 7 subjects in a sem really quite tiring. It make me feel emo sometime, make me feel helpless all the time, make me feel lifeless somemore. Because, once new sem started, after the first and second week of the new sem, I would everyday sitting infront of the computer, facing my "beloved" book. Because examination is held every week. Of course, it's not midterm/final every week. But are, quizs+midterms+assignments. There's 14 weeks in a long semesters if not mistaken. And, all my coursework are finally done on the week 13. Final is on week 15. Yeah. That's my life in this semester.

I cannot withstand with it if it has to last for 2 years more. Seriously, it would drive me crazy if on-going. So, I am seriously considering to extend one more semester because it won't delay my graduation day.

And. He told me, not to be dependance. Because it cannot be forever.

Hmm, I should think it seriously....after finals =)

Now. Back to study. Second Chapter. Better kill me LOL.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Two more hours to go, then exam week will start, and I have to fight with the time again. I found myself running out of time where I need to cover two subjects now, before 9am tomorrow. No matter how, I know I could finish it by the moment before entering the exam hall. Yeah, definitely can if I just flipped through and scanned every single page. I started my revision one week ago, yet in the end I still have to rush for tomorrow papers. I could say, I never fail to do so. 7 subjects in 10 days. I could not imagine how my life is, within these ten days.
OR, I should think in these way. How my life would be, ten days later. Sound better right?Haha.
Wish everyone luck.
Back to study.

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